House rules

We would like to make it a fun football tournament and party and most importantly it should also remain a fun party. Therefore, the following rules are in force during the weekend

  • Participation in the tournament is from 18 years of age and entirely at your own risk.
  • P&M soccer events Holland is not liable for theft and/or damage to Property and possible drink consumption or alcohol abuse.
  • Registrations will not be considered final until payment of the registration fee and accommodation is also made in full.
  • During the tournament, everyone must follow the instructions of the security service and the organisation. Misbehaviour and failure to follow instructions may result in removal from the tournament. No discussion possible!
  • Each team is obliged to provide its own linesman during its own matches.
  • Each team will provide enough players (11 people) during the assigned matches.
  • People on the tournament grounds who are not in possession of a valid tournament or party tape may be removed from the grounds.
  • Without a party band, there is no access to the food and themed parties and the park.
  • Sleeping in the car park is strictly prohibited.
  • Caravans and mobile homes brought along are not allowed.
  • Open fires and barbecues are absolutely forbidden.
  • The use, possession, supply and/or dealing of both soft and hard drugs are strictly forbidden throughout the sports complex of the clubs where the games are played and Holiday Park Duinrell. If soft or hard drugs are involved, the organisers will remove the participant concerned from the complex and deny them further participation in the tournament and holiday park. In case of hard drugs, the police will also be called in.
  • Extreme noise pollution from sound boxes and fireworks is not allowed on the park! Please remember that after 02.00 hrs, noise pollution must be manageable!
  • Persons causing damage during the tournament to property of Vakantiepark Duinrell and/or on one of the sports complexes will be held liable by Vakantiepark Duinrell or the club. Should the identity of these persons remain unknown, the registered association and/or team captain will be held liable for the damage suffered.
  • In case of intent, the police will be informed by the organisation. The organisation may also deny a person or team access to the tournament or complex. Any damage incurred must be paid for immediately.
  • Due to procurement and expenses incurred, refunds of the total participation fee are not possible after payment of the stay on date 1 December.
  • In the unlikely event that severe weather conditions prevent the tournament from taking place, the organisers will provide a replacement programme.
  • Security at Duinrell is present 24/7. Security Duinrell is leading.