Reserve now

Enter your unique code. With each unique code you can make one reservation for your accommodation.
Choose a day. You can only book one day in advance. It is not possible to go from the indoor to the outdoor area, or vice versa.
Choose indoor or outdoor (if open). You will only see what is available. It is not possible to go from the indoor to the outdoor pool, or vice versa.
Choose an available arrival time. This is the time when you want to join the queue. Then select the number of people you want to make the reservation for. Then click on "book". Your chosen product will be added to your shopping basket. Click on "continue".
Fill in your details and click on "confirm".
Depending on your accommodation type, you may have to pay a supplement for everyone over 3 years of age. For more information, read our access arrangements. Have you checked in with Eurocamp or Vacanceselect? Then you pay €10 per person for 2 hours access to the indoor pool and if open to the outdoor pool €5 per person for 4 hours access.
You will receive a confirmation per person by e-mail. You take this with you to the Tiki Pool.

How do I get access?

At the reserved time, queue up for the Tiki Pool.
You scan your confirmation with QR code per person at the entrance of the Tiki Pool and you will need it again to scan out. Our staff may ask you to show your Duinrell ID.
Your admission period starts from the moment you enter the building. You will also be given a maximum of half an hour extra time per visit to change. Will you stay longer? Then you pay a surcharge of €5.00 per hour per person at the Tiki Pool cash desk. When you leave the Tiki Pool, a check is made to see how long you have been inside.