Kwakus Kwebbel Show

Quack Kwebbel is very happy to live by the water, but Mollie the Mole doesn't like it at all. Because insects live near water and one of them has stung his head. Do you know who it was?

Show times
At every hour (11:00, 12:00 etc.) during the amusement park's opening hours.

Type: show
Length of time: 20

National Roller Coaster Day

Tomorrow, 16 August, is National Roller Coaster Day. And we are going to celebrate it!

Especially for our holiday guests, we open our 3 roller coasters an hour earlier: the Falcon, Dragonfly and the Frog roller coaster! Are you coming too?

8.45 Gathering at the Dragonfly

Extra fun: in between, we make photos and (drone) videos for TikTok, YouTube (shorts) and Instagram, so you can watch yourself later.


You can park a maximum of one car per camping pitch or Duingalow. Do you come with several cars? Please report this to the Duinrell reception on arrival. Parking an extra car costs €12.- per day (at P1/P2 €12.- per day or exit). At the 8-persons Premium Plus Duingalow and Luxe Lodgetent you can park an extra car for free.