The old lane

Whether you sit at the wheel yourself or take a seat in the back, every ride at The Old Line Railway is an experience in itself. The old vehicles can be driven freely, so extra fun for our smallest guests. And no worries; the cars are attached to the line track, so you can feel free to refuel in the back for the rest of your Duinrell day. Each vehicle has its own theme, giving you a different experience every ride.

Facts & Figures

Type: Oldtimer track
Speed: 6km/h
Length: 218 metres
Duration: 10 minutes
Year of construction: 2023
Number: 4x truck, 4x bus
Capacity: 4


You can park a maximum of one car per camping pitch or Duingalow. Are you coming with more than one car? Please report this to the Duinrell reception upon arrival. Parking an extra car costs €15 per day (on P1/P2 €15 per day or exit). At the 8-person Premium Plus Duingalow and Luxe Lodgetent you can park an extra car for free.